Agenda Program Highlights

  • Mineral landscapes and mining investment updates on Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, DRC, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Niger and Guinea
  • Impact of Chinese economy rebalancing in West & Central Africa mining projects
  • Importance of Blast Free Surface Mining Operations: Case Studies of Best Practices by Wirtgen Group
  • Responding to a change in the global energy mix: What commodities are more relevant and worthwhile now plus value chain changes and implications
  • New tax regime developments and their implications for mining investments
  • What's the perception and reality of West & Central Africa Mining? Risk-reward ratings on mining in the region
  • Rising resource nationalism and managing risk of growing demands from African governments for mining companies' profit share
  • Strategies to cope with lengthening cycle times of low prices and the “new normal”
  • What do investors look for in junior mining projects?
  • Impact of China and India's appetite for precious metals (gold and silver) and how this affects exploration trends in West Africa
  • Understanding business and operational risk mitigation strategies
  • Capital Raising Options: Debt, equity and project finance and key challenges in financing
  • Tackling Infrastructure Challenges: Energy, water, communications and transport
  • Strengthening local participation in the extractive industry and building positive relationships with local communities
  • Managing environmental risk in project development
  • Legal perspective on political risks to mining investments
  • Identifying, managing and quantifying discreet, schedule and capital risks facing mining projects
  • Setting-up efficient mining systems and operations
  • Demonstrating the latest solutions for mining projects in the region by leading equipment and service providers

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